Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Did I Really Have Nothing to Say...

Is it possible that two weeks can pass without there really being anything of substance for me to say? Let's catch up shall we?
  • I'm still pregnant - 28 weeks down...12 more to go. I had a realization over the weekend that I may just look fat to people who don't know I'm pregnant - that's kind of depressing.
  • My 11 year old nephew came to my house one evening and while we were finishing dinner he was in the living room sitting on my coffee table watching TV. What possessed him to sit on the coffee table when there are two sofas and a comfy recliner to sit on. It made me realize our kid isn't going to be able to touch ANYTHING in our house. (Yeah I know...Good Luck with that)
  • People drink Guiness beer with their breakfast on St. Patrick's Day - I saw it on the news, that was kind of gross.
  • Warm weather makes people in my office talk about going on vacation. The owner of our company was just in Disney World - I like talking about going to Disney World - it makes me happy.
  • My co-worker said I'm "nesting" because I cleaned a bunch of old crap out of my office last week. I thought I was being nice doing it - since she's going to have to be able to find things to help my customers for two to three months this summer. Plus I hadn't dusted my quote shelves since I moved into this office over a year ago - that was just disgusting.
  • South Carolina wants to pass a law that would require women seeking an abortion to see an ultrasound of their "baby" then think about it for an hour before going through with the procedure. They were discussing this on Good Morning America - while showing an ultrasound photo of a fetus that was at least 20 weeks old. Having used fertility treatments to conceive I had ultrasounds from week five through week eleven. Would you like to see my pictures...of a black circle with a smaller lighter gray circle inside? Granted both areas got bigger as we went through the first trimester but it was still just a tadpole like blob - nothing that looked like a baby. If they want to pass this law I think they should at least be honest about what these women will see.
  • My Mom comes and has lunch with me almost every Friday and last week she said my eight year old niece wants to come to my house for a visit before I have my baby. I don't know if she means a sleep over or just a come for the day type visit. I also don't know if she wants her younger brothers to come too or if she wants me all to herself. I used to spend a decent amount of time with her and the boys before I got married but over the last five years it's tapered off. Right now it's sporadic at best. Maybe she's worried that once I have my own baby I won't have time for her anymore and maybe for some strange child-like reason she likes having me around.
  • Yesterday morning I had to go for my blood glucose test at the Quest near me. They open at 630am and, for those who don't know, I had to drink this nasty orange sugar water crap and then sit for an hour. By the time they took my blood at 855am they had gone through 44 people and there were at least another ten waiting. I can't ever figure out when to go so I don't have to wait forever. I'm hoping I don't have to go back.
  • I was on the phone here at work when a purchasing agent called me to place an order. He had called this morning and left me a message, then I called him back and left him one. So he sat on hold until I was forced to hang up from my current phone call so I could talk to him. Then after speaking with him for 20 minutes he decided he really didn't know what his engineer wanted and that he'd have to get back to me on Thursday when the guy came back to the office. What a D.B.

Looks like I had some things to talk about after all...

Friday, March 09, 2007

Who do they think they're fooling...

I saw a commerical the other night for a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie coming out this spring...only now they are calling them "TMNT". Hello, do we remember the last group to try this? Their name was "New Kids on the Block" and they came back as "NKOTB" - trying to promote a hipper image. It didn't work for them and I'm wondering how it's going to go for the Turtles.

Monday, March 05, 2007

How did that song that the Munchkins sang go...

Oh wait I know..."ding dong the witch is dead the wicked witch blah, blah, blah". I know it's bad karma to be happy when bad things happen to other people but we had layoffs at our company on Friday and one of the biggest jerks in the world finally got the axe. That's right...no more getting baited into fights, no more frustrated customers, no more incoherent conversations...design guy is GONE!!!

The funny thing is, every one really disliked him and he did a really crappy job that was costing our company tons of money, but when we got word that he had been let go - people seemed sad about it. I don't get it. My co-worker began needling management two years ago to hire someone to replace her so she wouldn't have to deal with design guy anymore so they finally caved and it turned out the new girl was stupid. So there didn't seem to be an end to my co-workers misery in dealing with design guy until he got let go on Friday. So you'd think that my co-worker finally got the one thing she wanted more then anything else in the world and that she'd be happy....she isn't.

The same thing happened where my husband worked. His immediate boss was a ridiculous incompetent little man who made everyone's life a living hell. I think people probably cursed the day he was born. Finally after five years he was fired and instead of joy at never seeing the man again my husband felt bad - one of his female co-workers actually cried about it. Why would you waste tears over someone you HATED!!! I just don't get it.

Maybe I can be so callous because being laid off has never happened to me, but if on Friday my boss would have told me "We need to let you go" I think I just would have just said "Okay". What else could I have done? My life would go on and I would find something else to do. Maybe I don't feel the stress because I'm not the breadwinner in my family...but he's losing his job in two months and we're having a baby...but our lives aren't over. I have faith that he'll find something else to do.

I have a sweet deal here and that's no lie, but an end here is a beginning somewhere else. So for now I'm enjoying not dealing with design guy anymore and I'm helping out where I can. I know to be happy when a house falls on someone who deserved it... so I'm going to dance around and sing my little song. I would expect nothing less if it were me under that house next time - I'm sure there's someone out there who would think I deserved it.