Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Truly Annoys Me...

I go online to check my credit card account and this glaring red "security message" is there. Saying my account is currently at risk for fraudulent activity so they are sending me a new card. Again...really?

This is the second time in as many years that a "major retailer" that I shop at has allowed their customers information to get stolen. So now I have to get a new credit card and go through the hassle of updating my information with all the companies I do automated payments with. When I asked which retailer was causing the trouble I was told they don't know. Last time it was the parent company of Marshall's and Home Goods that did it to me (not that I ever remember shopping there during the affected time period). So I wonder who it is this time. I was just beginning to remember the second new credit card number I was given and now I'm going to have to memorize a third one.

I guess I should be happy that my credit card company is watching out for me but this is the same company that shut my card off on two different occasions while I was traveling out of state, and shut me down at Christmas time when I tried to buy a $500 laptop online. I'm not naive enough to think they are protecting me - they are covering their own ass, so they don't have to pay fraudulent charges that turn out not to be mine. Though I imagine if my card is ever truly stolen they will let those charges go through and not bat an eye. That would just be my luck.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Field Trip...

As Baby Ween gets older I've learned that she needs new things to help her learn about her world. So last Friday Baby Ween and I took a road trip to meet my wonderful friend A and her girls at the Hands on House. Since I'm anxious about almost everything now, this outing was no exception. I was worried about BW dealing with other kids, strangers kids and what happened if someone knocked her down, ran her over etc.

Well I shouldn't have worried. Baby Ween was good in the car and A and I were able to have a nice lunch with the girls before we went exploring. The museum is cool with lots of different themed areas. Baby Ween seemed to really like the produce section of the grocery store, the magnetic building blocks and the larger then life light bright. As for "strangers kids" there were no issues. In fact when Baby Ween found herself at the top of some stairs holding her arms out for me to come and get her a little girl, who was coming down, promptly took her hand and helped her get to me. It was very sweet.

We finally called it a day around 2:00pm and Baby Ween was asleep in the car in approximately ten minutes. I'd like to say she slept the whole way home but she woke up when I stopped at Sonic for my happy hour lemonade slush and then she was awake the rest of the way. It was a very good day and I'm hoping we can find another fun place to meet soon.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sometimes Golf is Interesting...

Because he didn't want to play the rest of his round
all dirty.

"Now I'm just going to ignore you standing here in your underwear and I'm going to tell you about the hole."