Tuesday, September 23, 2008

At Least 10 Days to Blow and No Where to Go...

I fear that Matt and I will never go on vacation again. Neither of us can be out of the office for one or two days without work piling up to an unmanagable amount. The aggravation we feel when we come back to work has obliterated any happiness garnered from a few days of time off. It's easier to stay in hell, then leave and have to come back.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

And So She Grows....

I finally got around to gathering her heights & weights and filling this out. Her 15 month appointment is coming up in a few days. I'm anxious to see how much taller she is. She won't let me do that type of measuring at home.

Monday, September 08, 2008

She is a Fashion Plate...

I had a little time to kill this weekend so I went through Baby Ween's summer wardrobe to see just how out of hand my baby clothes shopping sickness had become. I discovered the following:

(1) - "Dance Puppets Dance" Onsie

(2) - Pair Shorts

(3) - Bathing Suits

(3) - "Dressy" Dresses

(4) - All in One Romper Outfits

(5) - Sleeveless Top & Capri Pant Sets

(5) - Skorts

(6) - Pair of Footed PJ's

(7) - Dresses (with the matching little panties)

(8) - Random T-Shirts

(8) - Random Onsies

(8) - Tank Top Style Sunsuits

(13) - Miscellenous Outfits

(Plus 10 Plain White Onsie's for Layering)

In my defense some of the above items were gifts for her first birthday so I didn't buy all of them. Plus she has very generous Grammy's. I'm going to try to do better with her Fall wardrobe. Though I might already be off to a rocky start. Everything is just so cute....

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wife in the North - A Review

"Wife in the North" by Judith O'Reilly was given to me by librarything.com as an advance copy for review. It took longer to read then I thought it would because I had a hard time getting started. As a fan of books written by British authors I rarely have a problem with the smattering of regional terminology they throw in but this book had me stumbling. Perhaps I was stumbling over the pace of the writing more then anything.

O'Reilly's memoir tells the tale of relocating her family to the northern reaches of the British countryside from the city of London. They left because of her husbands deep desire to live there, but much of his time was spent working in London. Leaving O'Reilly for weeks at a time to assimilate herself and their three small children into the farming, ranching, fox hunting community they were now a part of. To say she struggled is an understatement. Though after running out of gas for the third time I think I would have taken that chore upon myself. I enjoyed her candid stories of child rearing and it's often exhaustive effects. It made me feel better about the ever changing landscape of childrearing that I am a part of now.

I believe everyone could relate to something this author went through. Parenting small children, caring for aging and ill parents, a drastic change of lifestyle, a major house rennovation, making new friends while trying to fit old ones into a wholly different life and almost losing oneself in the bargain. It was time well spent and I will happily pass the book along to anyone who wants to read it.