Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm Not Sure Why, But I Think I Would Feel The Same Way....

The End Has Come...

Well, at 24 weeks pregnant I finally had to give up the ghost. The regular jeans were no longer all that comfortable so I'm on day number two of wearing actual maternity jeans. The pair I have on today are from my lovely friend Andrea who, after two daughters, will not be needing said pants anymore. I tried to buy my own maternity jeans this weekend but didn't have a lot of luck so I placed an order online this morning and hopefully by the end of the week I will have more pairs to choose from.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

How Do You Keep From Being Baited Into A Fight At Work???

I hate that this happens to me every couple of months. There is this guy at my work, whom I deal with on a daily basis, who is a HUGE pain in the ass. Most days I can deal with his Adult ADD or his mental pychosis or whatever his problem is but on days like today it all boils over into a yelling, cursing, door slamming mess.

It started innocently enough...I have a customer who has a hot needs to ship tomorrow (2/23) but due to a large number of custom screws it's not going to be ready until at least Monday (2/26). I had to go to design guy and ask if the customer in fact NEEDS all of these custom screws because it seems like a huge amount of overkill. He can't really answer this question because he just assumed the customer needed them...he never really asked him. So I figured I'd try to get the customer to answer the question. Then design guy, who has an issue with the guy who has to make the custom screws, basically calls that guy a liar (that it's going to take two days to make these screws). Maybe the screw maker guy is lying but I like him better so I stick up for him. I say "So if screw maker guy is lying to me and you're lying to me how am I supposed to get this job done". Well one thing design guy doesn't like is being called names so then he postured up to his full 5'6" tall and told me "he has too much work to do" and he "doesn't need this conversation". Well then the child in me rears it's ugly head so I curse a little, yell a little and slam my office door.

And now here I sit - trying not to stew about it - but I'm pissed - at myself - why do I keep letting design guy get to me? You think after nine years of working with the same people in the same place with the same dynamic I'd be over it, above it, beyond it...whatever...but obviously I'm not.

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Clock is Ticking...

I was checking out the baby time line thing at the bottom of my blog this morning and it said my baby will be born in approximately 16 weeks and five days. That really doesn't seem like a very long time. Hmmmm....

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Valentine's Treat...

My co-worker Frank was late coming to work today, due to our snow/sleet mix from last night. But when he arrived he brought with him treats for us girls in sales...a Russell Stover heart of chocolates and a pair of Gummy Handcuffs.

This is the same guy who bought my co-worker Heidi and I
K-Y Warming Liquid for Christmas one year.

Now all I need to make the day complete is a heart shaped pizza from Sophie's.

Cute Elephant Ass...

Sometimes it just seems like more fun to go over something then around it.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Being Jaded...

Every Monday morning I read the secrets on Post Secret to see what people have to say. Many times reading them makes me sad. There seem to be so many unhappy people out there. Even when I'm unhappy I know I'll be happy again because there are so many wonderful people in my life. I feel bad for the people who say they have no one. On Valentine's Day or any other day.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Boy and His Guitar...

I was just reading an article by a brilliant mind at the NY Daily News and I learned I was supposed to be offended by Prince's "crude" guitar playing during his halftime performance. Allegedly his guitar, when played "strategically" behind the billowing sheet, looked like an enormous shadow penis. Awesome!!! I guess I was too distracted by his Prince screams or the Aunt Jemima head wrap to notice this 33 second assault on good taste.

If people with a media outlet to support them are going to complain after every Super Bowl they might as well do away with the half-time show all together. At this point I'd rather see the commentators discussing the first half then anymore shows by Paul McCartney or the old-ass Rolling Stones. It seems the networks are having too much of a problem walking the line where they want a spectacle, but just not too much of one.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Forget Osama...there's a greater threat now...

And it's the stupidity of people like Mayor Thomas Menino of Boston. He's vowing revenge against Turner Broadcasting because he went on television and made himself and his city leaders look like huge tools. In addition to everything else I have to worry about - I now have to worry that a glowing milkshake giving me the finger is actually a terror plot? That's almost as good as Joseph Biden thinking he could call Barack Obama a "clean" African-American and not hear anything about it.

The guy reporting the story on Good Morning America this morning had to hold back his laughter when he said that there weren't any problems with these devices in the nine other major metropolitan areas where they've been in place for the last two or three weeks. I'm not sure how these cities feel now - they either look heroic like they can recognize things as the non-terror threats they are or they look hapless because most never even realized they were in their cities to begin with. Ahhh, the double edged sword of lunacy.

Bring on the milkshake, the box of fries and the meatball...let them do what they will. In the event of another attack - my hope is that I am no where near stupid people like Mayor Menino because that would mean I would have to rely on those people to save my life. I'd rather take my chances in the wilderness...I've watched Red Dawn & Survivorman.