Thursday, February 01, 2007

Forget Osama...there's a greater threat now...

And it's the stupidity of people like Mayor Thomas Menino of Boston. He's vowing revenge against Turner Broadcasting because he went on television and made himself and his city leaders look like huge tools. In addition to everything else I have to worry about - I now have to worry that a glowing milkshake giving me the finger is actually a terror plot? That's almost as good as Joseph Biden thinking he could call Barack Obama a "clean" African-American and not hear anything about it.

The guy reporting the story on Good Morning America this morning had to hold back his laughter when he said that there weren't any problems with these devices in the nine other major metropolitan areas where they've been in place for the last two or three weeks. I'm not sure how these cities feel now - they either look heroic like they can recognize things as the non-terror threats they are or they look hapless because most never even realized they were in their cities to begin with. Ahhh, the double edged sword of lunacy.

Bring on the milkshake, the box of fries and the meatball...let them do what they will. In the event of another attack - my hope is that I am no where near stupid people like Mayor Menino because that would mean I would have to rely on those people to save my life. I'd rather take my chances in the wilderness...I've watched Red Dawn & Survivorman.


ycpgreazy said...

I don't know... I always thought that box of Fries had an evil look in his eyes. I say we send all three of the to Gitmo

Angry Inky said...

No way, it's all about the meatwad. He's so bad!!!