Thursday, February 22, 2007

How Do You Keep From Being Baited Into A Fight At Work???

I hate that this happens to me every couple of months. There is this guy at my work, whom I deal with on a daily basis, who is a HUGE pain in the ass. Most days I can deal with his Adult ADD or his mental pychosis or whatever his problem is but on days like today it all boils over into a yelling, cursing, door slamming mess.

It started innocently enough...I have a customer who has a hot needs to ship tomorrow (2/23) but due to a large number of custom screws it's not going to be ready until at least Monday (2/26). I had to go to design guy and ask if the customer in fact NEEDS all of these custom screws because it seems like a huge amount of overkill. He can't really answer this question because he just assumed the customer needed them...he never really asked him. So I figured I'd try to get the customer to answer the question. Then design guy, who has an issue with the guy who has to make the custom screws, basically calls that guy a liar (that it's going to take two days to make these screws). Maybe the screw maker guy is lying but I like him better so I stick up for him. I say "So if screw maker guy is lying to me and you're lying to me how am I supposed to get this job done". Well one thing design guy doesn't like is being called names so then he postured up to his full 5'6" tall and told me "he has too much work to do" and he "doesn't need this conversation". Well then the child in me rears it's ugly head so I curse a little, yell a little and slam my office door.

And now here I sit - trying not to stew about it - but I'm pissed - at myself - why do I keep letting design guy get to me? You think after nine years of working with the same people in the same place with the same dynamic I'd be over it, above it, beyond it...whatever...but obviously I'm not.

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Angry Inky said...

Don't Give In. Put the blame where it belongs, on him. Don't take any blame for his stupidity. It's time that these people start taking responsiblity for their actions.