Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Truly Annoys Me...

I go online to check my credit card account and this glaring red "security message" is there. Saying my account is currently at risk for fraudulent activity so they are sending me a new card. Again...really?

This is the second time in as many years that a "major retailer" that I shop at has allowed their customers information to get stolen. So now I have to get a new credit card and go through the hassle of updating my information with all the companies I do automated payments with. When I asked which retailer was causing the trouble I was told they don't know. Last time it was the parent company of Marshall's and Home Goods that did it to me (not that I ever remember shopping there during the affected time period). So I wonder who it is this time. I was just beginning to remember the second new credit card number I was given and now I'm going to have to memorize a third one.

I guess I should be happy that my credit card company is watching out for me but this is the same company that shut my card off on two different occasions while I was traveling out of state, and shut me down at Christmas time when I tried to buy a $500 laptop online. I'm not naive enough to think they are protecting me - they are covering their own ass, so they don't have to pay fraudulent charges that turn out not to be mine. Though I imagine if my card is ever truly stolen they will let those charges go through and not bat an eye. That would just be my luck.

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