Monday, June 16, 2008

Remembering our Dad...

This Father's Day my Ween wrote a post about our Dad that made me cry. I hope my post makes her smile.

Baby Ween will be turning one this Friday and we've been giving her small tastes of big people food to see what she thinks of it. Yesterday during Father's Day lunch with the in-laws I gave her a taste of pickle juice. She sucked it off my finger and looked at me as if to say "more". So like a mama bird I bit some pickle from the spear and gave it to her. She ate it right down, loving it.

When my Ween was small - she'd climb onto our Father's lap and chow down on dill pickles like they were nothing. Giving Baby Ween her first taste of dill pickle made me think of that. It was like a little bit of our Dad was at lunch yesterday.

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Angry Inky said...

Good to know the Baby Ween is following in my footsteps.