Monday, August 18, 2008


When Baby Ween was in the NICU at CHOP there was a baby across the room from her that I will call "B". Like Baby Ween he had surgery right after he was born but he had additional issues that Baby Ween didn't have. "B's" mom and her sister sat by his bedside all the days that Matt and I sat with Baby Ween but we never talked. They knew where we were from because they heard us talking to the hospital staff. One day "B's" grandpop talked to Matt for a few minutes and it turned out that they were from Matt's hometown. On the day we left CHOP we said goodbye to eachother and that was that. Through several coincidences it turned out "B's" mom worked with someone we knew at a local hotel. We had a party at that hotel on Saturday night for the sister-in-law's 40th birthday and "B's" mom was there.

Almost fourteen months after our babies were born we finally got to talk. It turns out "B" left CHOP the same day we did. He's been back several times for some continuing care but he is doing well, crawling and growing bigger everyday. Baby Ween strolled around the party while "B's" mom and I talked. We agreed they've both come so far from those first days and that the time has gone by so fast. I was happy that I got to talk to her and that her son is doing well. She was happy to see BW doing so well too. I hope our paths cross again and that things continue to go well for her and her little boy. It was nice seeing her again, under much better circumstances this time around.

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