Tuesday, May 30, 2006

His Tractor Was Mighty Sexy!!!

Well, I'm back at work after what I can only describe as a very successful Memorial Day weekend. Mine was a bit longer then some because I didn't work on Friday. My husband and I had plans of painting our master bedroom this weekend so we figured we'd need the extra day to get it all done - plus we had tickets to see Kenny Chesney at the Wachovia Center in Philly Friday night and knew we'd have to leave early. As anyone whose ever driven around Philadelphia knows, traffic can be terrible when it isn't the Friday of a holiday weekend, or when there isn't a concert and a Phillies game. We were facing that traffic-snarling trifecta but the concert going God's smiled on us and we made the trip from our house to the center in an hour and a half. We were plenty early, and had time to get snacks and find our seats before the lights went out.

Promptly at 7:30pm Sugarland took the stage. Jennifer Nettles began by belting out "American Girl" which then turned into their hit "Something More." The rest of their set went like this...

  • Fly Away
  • Settle Down
  • Down In Mississippi (And Up to No Good)
  • Just Might Make Me Believe
  • Baby Girl

Dierks Bentley was next up and to be honest he was the main reason I got tickets to the show. Having seen Kenny Chesney last year, I might have let the event pass if not for Dierks. He's tops on my list right now of favorite new country talent. He's got wonderfully curly hair and just enough scruff around the edges to make him quite sexy. He opened with one of my favorites "Lot of Leavin Left to Do" before running through "Cab of My Truck", "How Am I Doin", & "Domestic, Light & Cold". Then he sang another fav of mine, the current radio hit, "Settle for a Slow Down". "So, So Long", "My Last Name", "Come A Little Closer" and "What Was I Thinkin" rounded things out.

Having seen Mr. Kenny Chesney last year I knew his show was going to be loud and long. It seems when Kenny goes to concerts he likes to feel the music in his chest - so he makes sure his audiences have the same experience. He opened at our end of the arena with "Summertime", then rode a swing type thing to the stage where he continued with "Live Those Songs", "Big Star", "Beer In Mexico", "Keg In The Closet" & "No Shoes, No Shirts, No Problems". Slowing things down he sang the ever popular "There Goes My Life". Then it was back to "Living In Fast Forward", "Young", "Anything But Mine", "Old Blue Chair" & "I Go Back". What some people might not realize is that Kenny Chesney has been making albums since 1996 or earlier and that he has some great older stuff. So he did a medley of "I Drive On", "The Good Stuff" & "The Woman With You". Then it was "Back Where I Come From" & "Just Don't Happen Twice". Seeing the show last year I knew that Kenny likes "special guests" last year it was Uncle Kracker and Kid Rock. This year it was Uncle Kracker again, but no Kid Rock. Kracker and Kenny sang "When the Sun Goes Down", "Follow Me" & "Cowboy". Sugarland joined Kracker and Kenny on the remake of Dobie Gray's "Drift Away". Kenny brought the evening to a close with "How Forever Feels", "Who You'd Be Today" & "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy." Dierks Bentley joined him on stage for the grand tractor finally and then they signed autographs. The only weird thing was the tour was called "The Road and the Radio" but he didn't sing that song. It played as everyone left the arena. Once we got out of the parking lot after the show it only took us an hour to get home. My ears finally stopped ringing on Sunday morning. Next time I'll have to take ear plugs.

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