Monday, October 16, 2006

It Really is a Cake Walk...

We are training someone new at my job...she's 42...and unlike "young people" now-a-days she's a real go getter. So much so that you can't even get to your desk in the morning and turn on your computer without her asking if there's anything she can do for you. While I value her drive we're really just not that high energy around here. As crazy as it sounds I've become accustomed to a certain amount of down time in my day. It affords me the luxury of emailing friends, posting on my blog, watching episodes of TV shows that I've name it. I know I'm supposed to be highly motivated and driven but after eight years I've learned how to take care of the customers as well as myself. I appreciate the cake-walk that is my job most days and it never seems more evident of just how nice I have it until we're training someone new and there isn't much for them to do. At least it seems management hasn't picked up on it yet. Though I think they're just as into free-cell and solitare as I am into Pop Candy and Blogger. I just don't want the apple cart upset that's all, is that too much to ask?

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