Monday, October 02, 2006

Life Is But A Dream...

Friday night was a big night for me. I got to meet one of my "Top 5" know one of the guys I could sleep with if the opportunity arose and it would be like a free pass. According to the rules...reiterated to me by my ween...I need to make the list public. So you will now all be privy to my Number 3 - JUSTIN MCBRIDE. Friday night was my first time watching bull riding live up at the Sovereign Center in Reading. After all 45 guys rode their bulls and most of the spectators left I noticed people gathering at the rail. To my delight - the cowboys came out and went around the ring signing autographs. I grabbed my program and quickly took my place next to the veteran's of this kind of thing. While I waited patiently to see if Justin McBride would come out I got to look at scads of cute cowboys. Finally as the fervor drew to an end - he appeared. The reigning world champion of the PBR - all 5'9" 155 pounds of him. He stopped and signed the program of the lady next to me. Then she noticed he was wearing his World Champion belt buckle so she asked to see it and when he lifted his shirt - she uttered that it was beautiful. Once that exchange was over he moved on to me. I had my program open to his special page - he signed it and I asked if I could shake his hand. He smiled sweetly and said "sure". So I did. Then he moved on to the twelve year old girl next to me. I feel I had good positioning between the lady in her 50's and the pre-teen girl. No big busted hussy's in sight to distract the cowboys. It was so way cool!!! One down four to go.

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