Monday, January 08, 2007


Well, it may be 41 days till the start of the NASCAR season, but the PBR kicked off their 2007 season in New York over the weekend. Unfortunately, my cowboy boyfriend, Justin McBride, didn't do all that well. He was bucked off his first two bulls and finally hung on in round three so he wouldn't come up with a big zero on the weekend. The thing I found most amusing was how much the comentators kept talking about how great it was to be in New York City and how great the fans were. The Garden looked as empty as the Sovereign Center did the night I was there in September. I don't know who they were trying to convince, the viewing audience or themselves. I'd just like them to come back to Reading, or somewhere else close by so I can see my cowboy boyfriend in person again. That was definitely a treat.


ycpgreazy said...

Justin McBride is the type of Cowboy who would never mess up putting the ball down on a FG.

princess1128 said...

Amen brother!!