Saturday, August 18, 2007

Well it's August 18th now...

Only two more weeks of maternity leave to go. I'm beginning to get a little nervous about what my life is going to be like once it returns to "normal". Right now my dear husband is going to be responsible for the bulk of Miss EJ's care because he is still semi-retired. I know the grandmom's are going to help him out but it will be strange not to be able to sleep in while the other one watches her or watch TV all day while she sleeps on my lap. As my dear husband says I have to get out there and make him some money. So lets see - what's been happening...

  • Well we left off with the dear little one having her hernia surgery, she weathered that just fine. She still has the gas which makes her cry but it seems we are now done with the doctors down at CHOP. She had her follow-up appointment on Tuesday (8/14) and all is well.
  • I then promptly had my gall bladder out on Wednesday (8/15). The procedure went smoothly and I'm sure as the days progress I will feel more and more like my old self. Or rather my old self without a gall bladder.
  • I stopped by work briefly on August 8th to show off the little peanut. Everyone thought she was appropriately adorable. I sensed my co-worker Heidi had somethings she has to tell me but we didn't get any one-on-one time to chat. I have to try to get down for lunch this coming week or next.

Well - I was supposed to shower about an hour ago - so I best get to it. I better figure out how to use the next two weeks in a productive manner - for I fear it will be a while before life settles down again.

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