Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas Came and the Goose Got Fatter...

Well it's over, despite our house looking like Christmas morning with the presents still under the tree, the holiday has come and gone. This year was Elizabeth's first Christmas and she was showered with fabulous presents on all fronts. She got clothes of many kinds, some books, toys that stack, toys that squeak and toys that talk. She got a sled and a wonderful hand made quilt and enough ornaments to start her own tree.

I was equally blessed receiving many lovely presents - several books, season 6 & 7 of my favorite show "The Gilmore Girls" on DVD, a new I-Pod Classic (with I-Tunes gift cards), new slippers, a couple of CD's and some delicious candy snacks in my stockings. Don't worry Santa didn't leave my honey out - he got a new golf club, golf shoes, a cargo net for his truck, DVD's, some clothes, a digital picture frame for his desk at work and tons of sweet treats in his stockings too.

We did our share of visiting this holiday season. We had a party at my Mom's on 12/23 with her fun sisters family. We gobbled up copious amounts of yummy food topping it all off with a chocolate fountain as part of the dessert offerings. Then Elizabeth did Christmas Eve church for the first time - which turned out okay. Santa came first thing Christmas morning, followed closely behind by Grammy, Aunt Heidi and Uncle Tony. After the dust and the wrapping paper settled we hit the road to visit with Grammy, Grandpop, Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop. Wednesday (12/26) brought Lauren and Rod to our rainy doorstep for pizza and ornament presents. Then after a few days rest - the new year dawned and we were off for more visiting and eating.

Even though there is let down once the holidays are done - I am always a bit relieved. I'll pack everything back up and our house will return to normal. Or the state of normal we've become used to - since Elizabeth came on the scene.

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