Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'm Really Angry - Part One

So she almost cried - big fucking deal. Someone asked her how she keeps it all together and her facade cracked for just a minute while she talked about how passionate she is about helping this country. Her voice wavered when she said she's received countless benefits and advantages from this country and she doesn't want to see our children lose that by going backwards.

People (John Edwards) couldn't wait to leap on her show of emotion and say that we need a person with "resolve" in the White House. So I guess that means someone with no emotion or tear ducts. Might he not "well up" if someone on the trail asked him how it would feel to be President without his wife (should she succumb to the cancer that will ultimately take her life sooner rather then later). Would that emotion make him any less able to be President - NO.

There are other people who think the episode was scripted. I find that theory a bit too elaborate to even address. People who say that obviously have never felt passionately about anything. I've been moved to tears on many occasions but it doesn't mean I'm soft - or that I couldn't be P.O.T.U.S. Not having millions or billions of dollars will ultimately keep me from meeting that goal.

At this point I don't know who is going to get my vote - but it's just so typical that a woman gets labeled "weak" and not "passionate" or "bitch" but not "agressive". It's just so disappointing.

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