Friday, March 14, 2008

10 Reasons You're Not Getting Your Work Done...

From an article by Tag Goulet at with my two cents added in...

1) You have too many distractions - like our loud mouth HR girl/owners daughter talking to our loud mouth receptionist. Or the both of them yelling back and forth to either my boss, in the office to my left or to our sales manager in the office to my right. Don't get me started on the QC guy or the lathe department guy who come up here to talk when they don't have anything better to do.
2) You don't have the resources you need - we are moving our company in two months and we are in need of a new computer system (software) because our current system is no longer supported. The owner earmarked $5000, but the new phone system we're getting took $3,000 of that so now we're down to $2,000. I guess he's not familiar with the "you get what you pay for" mantra...
3) You don't know what you're doing - not a problem, I know everything.
4) You have too much work - somedays
5) You have poor time-management skills - okay so I like to socialize
6) You're Procrastinating - yeah, there is definately stuff I don't like doing - so I wait...and wait....and wait...and hope it goes away.
7) You Feel Undervalued - yeah...though being the only sales person left I could make some crazy demands and likely get what I want. It's hard to keep a company building things when there is no one here to take calls from customers.
8) You're Company's priorites keep changing - Nah, we're all about making money - and screwing the other guy - that never changes.
9) You're burned out - yeah that's true - it's been ten years after all of talking to some of the stupidest smart people on earth
10) Your "reward" for completing the job will be more work - that's true enough. Though there are only 17 of us - even the incompetant people got more work.

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