Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Boys of Summer

Every now and then my husband gets tickets to sporting events through his work, usually at the last minute. Yesterday afternoon he called me at 2:30pm wanting to know if I could leave work at 4:00pm so we could head down to the Phillies game. It was a beautiful day and I wasn't feeling the Easter leftovers that I knew were waiting for us at home for dinner so I said why not. The seats were great, lower level third-base line. I picked up a hot dog and french fries and got back to my seat as the Natioanl Anthem was playing. Perfect timing. Our row of seats was empty except for us so I didn't have to deal with someone crowding me. Unfortunately the Phillies got their asses handed to them in the late stages of the game courtesy of a grand slam off the bat of one of the Washington Nationals but that didn't dampen my spirits. I got to eat tasty ballpark food instead of leftovers, traffic wasn't that heinous and my other boyfriend Chase Utley was there larger-then-life on the jumbo-tron. Sometimes life is good.

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