Monday, April 10, 2006

What Will They Think of Next...

I was up after midnight on Saturday and since it's been a while I forgot what a treat late night commercials are. In the span of approximately two minutes I discovered that they make "Guys Gone Wild" DVD's. It's not just the girls going wild anymore. The guys DVD's are more expensive then the girls, probably because it's a lot harder to find guys willing to get naked on camera.

The other thing I discovered is that "phone" sex is now available using text messaging. I was kind of intrigued by this practice so I went online and it appears New York Magazine did a feature on "sex messaging." Their article focused mainly on the use of sexual text messages to set up booty calls between everyday couples. I wish I would have thought of "sex messaging". Now these "operators" don't even have to talk to the guys who would have called the 1-900 numbers of the past. Now the guy sees the late night commercial, sends a text message and you text back. Money in the bank baby. Where do I sign up?

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