Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Two Days Past "Due"...

Okay, I know as well as anyone that "due dates" are estimates that doctors give pregnant women so they have an idea of when their babies may come. But over the course of nine months you really become attached to the idea of being "done" by that date. I can't say I've been any more uncomfortable yesterday or today and I'm now getting to be pregnant in the privacy of my own home while I wait for her but it's kind of depressing. Like I some how failed at doing what other women have no problem doing - having their kids before their due date.

Julia Roberts has had her son and I saw online this morning that Tiger Woods wife had her baby. I think that leaves me and Jeff Gordon's wife and who knows when the hell she might be due. If not before, on Thursday, we'll find out when we're going to have her. Then I'll be wishing for one more quiet day before she comes. I've known for the last nine months that I wouldn't have much control over what would be happening to me and this is just an extension of that lack of control. A realization that the rest of my life will not be my own ever again.

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