Friday, July 20, 2007

Since I've Been Gone...

Let's see, it's been about a month since I've posted on Blogger...let's see what I've been up to.
  • Had a baby girl on June 20th at 930pm after 24+ hours of "labor" - 6lbs & 19" long
  • Had above mentioned baby girl have to spend a week down at CHOP in the NICU where she had a partial blood transfusion and surgery to remove a cystic mass from her abdomen.
  • Brought baby girl home on Thursday, June 26th and spent the next month trying to figure out why she cries ALL THE TIME!!!
  • Took baby girl down to CHOP on July 10th for her follow-up appointment. While there we discussed her next surgery to repair bi-lateral hernias that she has. Got the surgery scheduled for Monday, July 30th and her blood taken.
  • Had myself to the doctor on Monday, July 16th because of recurrent, exhausting heartburn or possible gall-bladder attack.
  • Baby girl went to CHOP's King of Prussia location on Thursday, July 19th for an abdomenal ultrasound to make sure everything was good (CHOP radiologists thought they saw an enlarged adrenal gland which may have indicated a "tumor") Luckily they were wrong on that and her abdomen received a clean bill of health.
  • Today, July 20th, I had myself to the local outpatient center for my ultrasound to see if I am the proud owner of gallstones. It will be three days before my doctor gets the results - so I have to wait until Wednesday to call them and find out my fate. I am taking Nexium right now to keep the heartburn at bay and I'm using prayer in hopes of keeping another gallbladder attack away (that is, if it was even one to begin with). If I have gall stones I will likely have to have surgery to have the entire thing removed.

So that's about it for the last 30 days. I have watched a lot of TV and have had some visitors over to the house. Baby girl has had two successful outings (not counting doctor appointments) once for lunch with me, my mom and her aunt and then again today with me, my mom and my dear husband for breakfast. With the crying we never know if we should take her anywhere or not. I have managed to keep up a semi-regular email correspondence with the outside world and I even read some blogs yesterday while on the phone with my ween. I guess it hasn't been too bad of a month. I still can't believe I'm someone's mom. It's still so crazy.

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Janet said...

Finally, some information. Tried several times to send you an email but they keep getting rejected. I am sure things will calm down eventually.