Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So My Ovaries Were Where???

Okay - I'm pretty much back on my feet after my "procedure" last Friday. I'm still dealing with some swelling and quite a bit of bruising but it's 100 times better then it was when I first came home from the hospital.

As women, most of us know what our reproductive systems are supposed to look like. Just in case anyone needs refreshing, I've attached the most non-offensive picture I could find. It turns out my ovaries were not where they were supposed to be when the doctor began my surgery. One was some how hiding behind my uterus and the other was some how wrapped up behind some of my intestines. I imagine it was all the scar tissue from my endometriosis that did this but it required some quite intense organ manipulation by my doctor. Thus resulting in four days of pain instead of the two I was expecting. He was pleased with the results of everything and the best news of the day was that my tubes were clear of scar tissue or blockages - so we may now have an easier time of getting pregnant. Now I'm just worried that the next time I have this much pain - it will probably mean there will be a baby at my house and I won't be able to sit in my La-z-boy for four days watching Jerry or Maury or Saved by the Bell reruns.

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