Monday, July 10, 2006

Something Else For Me to Buy...

My boyfriend really is cleaning house when it comes to his car collection. He must have taken me seriously when I said he'd have to make room for my little blue car in his garage if he wanted me to come live with him.

He is now selling his 2005 C6 Corvette on Ebay. As you can see from the photos the car has some truly groovy flames. As with his Mini, the high bidder can take delivery of the car directly from Dale Jr. He's said he'll even autograph the dashboard if the winner would like him too.

The car enthusiasts have already pushed the price of this car to double that of Junior's Silver Mini. I guess not too many people want a Mini, even if it's previous owner was Dale Earnhardt Jr. The current high bid is $65,600 and the auction has five days left. Once it closes on 7/15 I'll let you know how much scratch the lucky winner has to part with to shake hands with Dale Jr and ride off into the sunset in his sweet Vette ride.

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