Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not Long Now...

I had a doctor appointment on Friday afternoon (4/20) and it was such a shame I had to leave work early - the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!! The appointment went fine, my blood pressure was still down where it's supposed to be, but the doctor wanted me to go for an ultrasound because he felt the baby was measuring "big" for the week that I'm on (32nd). So I scheduled the appointment for yesterday evening.

Before I continue, allow me to share a dream I had. Several months ago I dreamt that I had already had my baby...I was at the hospital in a class type setting with many other mothers and nurses were bringing everyone's babies into the room. When I saw them bringing in the babies I realized I didn't know what mine looked like. Everyone else was handed small newborn size babies but when they got to me they handed me a baby that was the size of a two year old. I have no idea how I had the toddler baby or why mine was so much larger then everyone elses but it was. Then I woke up.

Anyway, my dear husband and I went to the appointment last night and at the end we were told our little bundle of joy is measuring 5 pounds which puts me at 34 weeks instead of the 32 where I am. I asked what it meant and the tech said it depended on the doctor. I believe I will likely get another ultrasound to check her again but I don't mind - because we now have two more pictures of our little girl and she's looking more and more like a human all the time. Just as long as she isn't the size of a toddler when she's born I'll be happy.


Real Live Woman said...

Is that a statue or something? Whatever it is, it's super-creepy!

princess1128 said...

Tell me about it. It appears to be a statue but I have NO idea where it's located. It just came up when I typed in the words "Big Baby".