Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"Preparing For Birth"...

Last night was our first Labor & Delivery class. All 18 of us (nine couples) dutifully toted our pillows and blankets and settled in for what we hoped would be an informative evening. As a whole we are a very cohesive group...all white, all married (except for one couple, who are also the youngest couple) and most of us are in our late 20's or early 30's. It's possible I am the oldest mom-to-be at 34 but I don't know that to be true - I'm just speculating. The teacher is nice enough, appearing to be in her mid-30's she has three kids and has spent most of her time as an OB nurse. I didn't learn anything new last night except that pregnant women shouldn't lay on a concrete floor because my hips and pelvis were severely out of whack when we got home - I'm talking serious pain that took the entire overnight to subside.

The teacher did have a rubbery plastic baby that she passed around. It weighed almost three pounds, which is what our babies currently weigh. It was funny to watch everyone handle it - one guy took off his baseball hat and put it in it to see if it would fit and another guy pretended like he was going to drop it on the floor. She also had some large pictures of what a pregnant woman looks like on the inside, where all of her organs are and the like. I'd already seen those pictures online so that wasn't new to me. The teacher does have an empathy belly that all the Dad's can wear at some point. The male part of the young couple was the first to volunteer and he wore it well. Playing along with all the stuff the teacher made him do he was definitely a good sport and should proove to be an enjoyable part of the class.

Other then the act of actually going to the class, it should be okay. I just have to look at it that I am "preparing" for birth...though I'm still convinced she's going to come out in whatever way works for her, whether I'm breathing the right way or not.

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