Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Grind...

Ten weeks off...where did the time go? I'll tell you, it was all that baby tending. It kept me busier then I ever imagined. Granted, nothing about my birth or post partum experiences was what I thought it would be. I didn't expect to labor for 24+ hours or be on mag sulfate so I couldn't get out of bed for 24 + hours after my babies birth. Nor did I expect her to be whisked away from me to the NICU at CHOP. I didn't think my five day old would have surgery, nor did I expect her to have a second surgery before she turned six weeks old. I didn't expect her to cry almost non-stop in the beginning, nor did I expect to have my gall bladder out before my baby was two months old. And just like that - here I am, back at my desk, toiling away like I never left.

I'm now free to send personal emails at will, read or watch TV online (between jobs of course). But part of me sees through the "glamour" of being at work and knows I will miss EJ's fun moments. Her little babbling conversations, her accidentally hitting herself in the face because her hands don't work all that well yet, or her kicking like a crazy ninja on her changing table. You just can't get that type of entertainment here. Thankfully I will also miss the crying and fussing.

For now though I suppose it's just how it is. Perhaps my dear husband will stumble into a fabulous, high-paying gig that will keep all of us in the Kimora Simmons lifestyle I aspire to. But until them I'll punch the clock each day and then head home and hold and squeeze my little baby.

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