Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Beating the Badger - too funny...

My Second Favorite beating moment, taken from Kevin Hench's article, is entitled "Unlucky Bucky".

Not to be confused with contrived mascot-on-mascot violence, when Wisconsin's Bucky Badger was taken out during a 1999 game, it was actually by a Michigan State male cheerleader.

Bucky had stolen the Spartan flag, stomped on it and then began waving it tauntingly to the student section. Out of nowhere, an MSU male cheerleader enters the frame with a flying chest-high tackle. Bucky went down hard and the cheerleader stayed on him as a swarm of Wisconsin cheerleaders tried to pull him off. Once they got him off, the Sparty defender got in another shot, knocking Bucky down again.

Sadly for MSU, it was the only decent tackle they made all day as Ron Dayne and the Badgers rolled 40-10. Tight-lipped coach Nick Saban actually complimented the cheerleader's tackling ability in a later interview.

As if being a mascot weren't humiliating enough, you get beaten down by a male cheerleader. Rough.

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