Thursday, June 29, 2006

Yeah, this is funny...

I was watching what I imagine was a repeat of The Daily Show last night and they were airing a story that totally cracked my shit up. It seems this story originally broke in May, even my tuned out husband had heard about it, so forgive me for just catching up now. The Pink Taco mexican restaurant is causing a stir in Scotsdale AZ because, it seems "Pink Taco", is a derogatory name for the part of a woman's anatomy that I typically refer to as a "who-ha". I am so not up on my Mexican slang, I wouldn't have known I was supposed to be offended, so thank God they told me. Upon doing a bit of internet research I also learned that the original location is in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Now I know one of the restaurants we're taking my BFF Janet to when we go to Vegas next year to celebrate her 50th B-day.

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