Thursday, June 08, 2006

How Many Babies Make a Boom?

I just got an email from my high school friend Casey, telling me she is seven weeks pregnant with her first child. Add to that the email I got last week from my college friend Andrea, that she is expecting to ring in the new year with her second child. Or the restaurant breakfast in early April, over which, my niece Patti told me she is due in October with her second child. Finally, how about my husband's co-worker Jill who is "growing exponentially" with the impending arrival of her first child in July.

So that leads me to my many babies does it take to make a boom? If four isn't quite enough, I could add in babies recently born: like Janet's adorable grandson Donovan, Lisa's little girl Ashley, my ex- boss Marty's third son Henry or how about Matt & Patty's daughter Mary who arrived in March. That's eight babies...I think eight babies qualifies as a boom.

P.S. I went and got my hair done last night and my hairdresser Marty told me that another friend of mine, Mark, is expecting his first child in September...that's NINE babies. I think that's a record for me in one year.

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