Friday, June 16, 2006

The Milk Duds...

Okay - after reviewing the comments on my "Milk Duds" post I will try to further explain myself. One morning Doogie, Jeff and I were chatting in the manufacturing office, gobbling up some Sugar Babies candy that Jeff had. So during the course of the conversation Doogie said he liked Milk Dud's better then Sugar Babies...that in fact they were his favorite candy. So later that day I was at the 7-11 and there was a box of Milk Duds. It made me laugh seeing them so I bought them and left them on his tool box. A little while later he came to my office holding the box, figuring they'd come from me.

The part that made me think I'd over stepped some invisible line came later...when he told me that he told his wife about the candy. Then that weekend he and his wife were away in the mountains and when he opened the cooler she packed there were Milk Dud's in it. He was happy to see them and told her so, but then his wife said they probably weren't as good as mine. I'm thinking it was a joke, but the more we laughed about it, the more it made me wonder if she thought something more of me giving him this candy. Hence the question..."Is a married woman allowed to give a man she's not married to Milk Duds?"

P.S. It's become an ongoing joke. Earlier this week Doogie stayed after hours to finish a project for my co-worker Heidi and as a reward she brought him Milk Dud's. We've taken to calling him a Milk Dud whore.

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