Monday, February 27, 2006

An Adorable Little Monkey

Now, I very rarely go to the movies because I can't stand to be surrounded by a bunch of people who would rather talk to each other then watch the movie, but Saturday my Mom was taking my niece and three nephews to see Curious George so I tagged along. Once everyone was settled on their booster seats with their popcorn and the large number of previews were finished, we all sat back and enjoyed 85 minutes of uninterrupted Curious George-ness.
The movie was cute and George was beyond adorable. The most surprising part, however, was how a theatre filled with children under the age of ten was all but silent the entire time. One little girl in the row in front of us offered up an occasional pretend sneeze "Achoo!" and at the very end the small child behind me said she wanted to go home. Otherwise, not a word was spoken, not a cell phone rang and I was able to enjoy the show my fingers glistening with buttered popcorn goodness.

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