Monday, February 27, 2006

A Tall Drink of Water

"A Dangerous Man" that's what I want - a 6'6", former football player and oil-rig worker, with long dirty blonde hair (and I do mean long), a silky deep baritone and swiveling hips that could make a blind woman swoon. To quote my husband, "He's one big mother-f*cker." Who, you ask, is this heaving hunk of steamin junk? It's none other then Trace Adkins and we had great seats to see him on Saturday night at the Sovereign Performing Arts Center in Reading PA. I've been a fan since his first album "Dreamin' Out Loud" in 1996 but I only had one other opportunity to see him live, when he opened for Lonestar at the York Fair, in York PA the other year. Unfortunately, the drunk people in front of us that night were more interested in talking to each other then watching his show so needless to say I was dissapointed with that experience. Saturday night's show was GREAT!!! In addition to many hits he sang my favorite song, "Rough & Ready" and it isn't just my favorite because my boyfriend Dale Earnhardt Jr makes a cameo in the video, though that doesn't hurt. He's been working on a new album and tested a few songs out on us. One dubbed "A Dangerous Man" has a great line " make me want to rob a bank and make love in the pile of money." All I can say is "Yes Please." To be fair, rising star Craig Morgan did a great job warming us up for Trace. My favorite "Redneck Yacht Club" brought down the house. An all around great night I couldn't have asked for more.

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Angry Inky said...

You would think he is cute. Love, Your Ween