Monday, February 27, 2006

A Jim Dandy Good Time

Tonight was my once monthly dinner out with my two BFF's Janet and Liza. Only, due to a re-scheduled January dinner, we've actually seen eachother twice this month. We decided to hit the local Friendly's for food and big ice cream. Well after eating our supermelt sandwiches we ended up having "Happy Ending" size ice cream instead of big ice cream but it was good. Normally we'd have to wait until the last Monday in March to get together again, but Janet is going to be a grandmother soon, so we'll all be seeing each other again on Sunday for her daughter's baby shower. Actually Janet and Liza work together so they see eachother everyday. It's me they only see once a month. Funny, the place they both work is where we all crossed paths years ago. I met Liza there in the mid-90's but she left right before Janet came. Then I left in 1999 and now Liza is back and her and Janet like to compete to see who is my BFF.

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