Friday, February 10, 2006

Top 100 Greatest Teen Stars

I was watching VH-1 and they were doing a show called "100 Greatest Teen Stars". So many great ones made the list:
  • Phoebe Cates - who got her start in "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" but then went on to star in one of my favorite movies "Shag". I had no idea she was still married to Kevin Kline.
  • Kristy McNichol - LOVED her in "Just The Way You Are". An accomplished flute player with a lame leg - finds Mr. Right by wearing a fake cast at a ski resort.
  • James Van Der Beek - I never really watched Dawson's Creek, but I LOVED him in "Varsity Blues" - who could forget the dramatic line - "I don't want your life."
  • C. Thomas Howell - great in so many things. "The Outsiders" was on Bravo this weekend so I got to spend two hours with Pony Boy Curtis.
  • Jason London - I know he's been in a lot of things but tops has to be him as Randall "Pink" Floyd in Dazed & Confused, so dreamy.
  • Scott Baio - "Charles in Charge" need I say more? Okay - maybe "Zapped".
  • Christian Slater - who didn't just LOVE him in "The Legend of Billy Jean" & "Heathers".
  • Christopher Atkins from "Blue Lagoon" and "The Pirate Movie"
  • Anthony Michael Hall - Loveable geek who gets the panties in "Sixteen Candles".
  • Helen Hunt - recognized for her outstanding work in another favorite movie "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" also starring Sarah Jessica Parker.
What a fun walk down memory lane.

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