Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Commen-Tater

Last night I went to the Reading Phillies game. Imagine our surprise when we arrived and they were already in the first inning. Turns out a rain-out the night before gave us a double header. After securing seats in the grandstand we set our sites on gathering our food stuffs for the evening. All was right with the world until half way through the first game when "they" arrived. The man and woman with the two year old and a huge obsession with baseball. We only stayed through the first inning of the second game but in the short amount of time they were sitting behind us I formulated a couple thoughts about this family...

1) The husband had an annoyingly expansive and detailed knowledge of baseball which he wanted everyone to know about.
2) The wife seemed equally as obsessed and it was evident that they wanted the two year old daughter to become obsessed too
3) They, like many parents, felt the need to commentate the entire evening for the benefit of a child who was happy as a clam having "Blooper" the Goofy-esqe dog mascot shake her hand. She doesn't care if a pitch was a strike or if a hit ended up as an out.
4) Finally, the mother couldn't get over the fact that they didn't play music between the games but spent time honoring long time stadium volunteers and players. Because her kid was getting dare they not play music? Plus they were bitching about the late start of the second game, didn't they know kids had school? What do you care - you're kid is 2!!!! Won't be 3 until November 18th, which he said over and over to some guy who happened to come along and join their party.

Plus they had goofy accents that I just couldn't place. At first I thought the four teenagers who came and sat in front of us would be the problem turns out I was wrong. I should have been more worried about the queer looking guy in the bright blue newsboy hat. GOD!!!!


Angry Inky said...

I hope you said, "What kept you?"

princess1128 said...

Oh I did, only too the group of teenagers in front of us. I felt like apologizing to them - even though they wouldn't have known what for.