Thursday, August 10, 2006

Stop "Needling" Me...

Monday dear hubby and I visited our fertility doctor for a post surgery follow-up. Things appear to have healed up nicely and I got to see some groovy pictures of my insides before and after surgery. It appears the next step is learning how to give myself injectable hormone medication. We learn how to do that on Friday 8/18. If two months of that doesn't yield a pregnancy we move on to something else.

The doctor is hoping the first time will be the charm, I fear allowing myself that same optimism will only result in disappointment. I know every person is different and every infertility situation is different, but knowing people this hasn't worked for always lingers in the back of my mind. But I suppose for every negative story there are positive ones.

That dear husband of mine decided that if he has to administer the injections - he's going to handle it like playing darts. He will throw the needle at me and then run up and press the plunger...he thinks that's funny.

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