Friday, March 24, 2006

Cowboys on the Sea...

I am almost breathless with of my favorite TV shows, "The Deadliest Catch", is making it's second season debut starting Tuesday (3/28) at 9:00pm on The Discovery Channel. Talk about reality TV, an episode or two into last season an entire ship and it's crew were lost at sea before the crab-fishing even began. You can't get anymore real then actual death. These guys are a crazy lot, risking life and limb for the possibility of a huge payout.

The rules have changed for this season, it's no longer a balls to the wall derby style event, with crabbers catching as much as they can in a window of a couple of days. Now each vessel is given a set amount of crab they can catch and all the time they want to do it. But having watched these guys in the past we all know the goal is still to catch all the crabs allowed in the shortest amount of time possible to save on fuel and wear and tear on your boat and your crew.
I'm glad to see the Northwestern, captained by Sig Hansen is back along with the Maverick, captained by Rick Quashnick. On the Maverick Rick's wife is the cook and crew "Mom", bucking superstition that it's bad luck to have a woman on board. I'm sure those guys don't care, they're better taken care of then anyone else on the water - I've seen her cook. Plus I know if I fall on the deck and snap my leg like a twig, I might get a bit of sympathy from her.

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