Monday, March 06, 2006

Everything is Coming Up Babies

As I said in an earlier post, this past Sunday was Janet's daughter Rachels baby shower. And boy let me tell you did she make out. I do believe this is the first grandchild for all grandparental parties involved so the gift giving was quite generous. I would have to say my favorite thing that she received was the Fisher Price "Jumperoo" illustrated in the photo at left. I love that it is its own self contained unit. Of course it requires you to have quite a bit of space for baby and his/her stuff to occupy, but I think it's cool. My favorite food related thing was the delicious ice cream cake we had for dessert, followed in close second by the plate of chocolate covered pretzels. I wish Rachel and her husband all the best with their new arrival, which could seriously be any day now. By the time she's 34 she'll have a ten year old. If I got pregnant tomorrow I'd be 44 by the time my child was 10. That's a very scary thought.

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