Monday, March 20, 2006

Who's The Most Popular

Due to rainy weather yesterday, Nascar's Golden Corral 500 from Atlanta is being run today. With a little luck and some savy tuning on my little transistor style radio I am able to listen to the action on AM 1440 while I toil away at work. Dale Earnhardt Jr started back in the field but seems to have his car dialed in and he's running in the top ten.
While waiting for the race to start I searched online to see if Chex was running the "Most Popular Driver" contest again this year and they are. Voting actually just started this weekend so I'm right on time. From now until November 20th my daily mission will be to cast a vote for my favorite Nascar Nextel Cup driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. I want to make sure he wins the title of Most Popular Driver for the fourth year in a row.

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Real Live Woman said...

I just posted my vote, too. I'll have to remember to do it frequently.