Saturday, March 25, 2006

Fantasy Bass Fishing????

I was running some errands this morning and when I got home I turned on the TV. ESPN 2 came up and they were discussing the results of a Bass Fishing Tournament. I paused a few moments before scrolling on and in that time I discovered something I didn't know existed...Fantasy Bass Fishing!!! While I'm familar with fantasy football teams, baseball teams and racing teams I had no idea this was part of the world of competitive fishing, but obviously I was mistaken. My curiosity peaked I went online to Bassmaster to get a little more information. It seems to play you have to do the following...

  • Select 5 anglers to complete your roster and to make your team eligible
  • Each player has an assigned Market Value which will fluctuate with their real life performance in tournaments. The Market Value at which you select a player to your roster will remain locked until you release them. If an angler's value decreases you can "re-negotiate" and keep them on your team for the lower value. If an angler's value increases you benefit from their good performance without your locked value changing.
  • The locked value of your five angler team can not exceed 50 points
  • Scoring is based on a multi-day system with each angler scored on catches, heaviest weights etc.

I found this to be very interesting. Having never delved into the world of fantasy sports - perhaps this is how most teams are run, the sport of course being the variable. During my research I discovered several anglers that would add some eye candy to your team in addition to some quality fishing. John Crews has been making a name for himself in recent years fishing in two different professional series and Gerald Swindle was the Bassmaster Angler of the year in 2004. Nothing wrong with looking good on the water. I wouldn't throw either of them out of the boat.

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