Thursday, March 16, 2006

We Need More Manatee's In This Pool

My sister once said that the key to looking slim while filming a music video is to surround yourself with large animals. So for her the choice was simple, manatee's. Lot of big manatee's. I've been fond of the manatee since driving through the Florida Keys, enroute to Key West, in February of 2000 and seeing people with life-size manatee mailbox holders. Something about them struck me as very cool, very islandy. If we ever get back I'm going to get a little one that holds one of those shiny gazing ball things and put it in our little flower bed alcove. Maybe it would scare away the neighbors cat that keeps using the area as a litter box.

The Outdoor Arts Foundation of Tampa Florida also loves manatee's and they have their own special way of helping them out. New York City had cows, Baltimore had fish and now Tampa has manatee's. Life size fiberglass manatee's painted by local artists and put around town for the public to enjoy. The decorative manatee's will be auctioned off in November of this year with the proceed's going to help save the endangered West Indian Manatee. I wish I had use for such a wonderful thing - because I think it's a great idea. Jacksonville Florida did something similar in 2004 & 2005, only their campaign was called Sea Cows for Kids. The proceeds from those auctioned manatee's went to help kids in that area. I checked the list to see where they ended up and most are at private homes. I bet the home owner's assocation in my community would have something to say about that. Though I'm not sure there is a specific rule against large animal shaped lawn ornaments.

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