Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Is This Really Necessary

I usually fail to mark the "don't send me email advertisements" box when I'm buying things online and occasionally these advertisements show up in my Inbox. When checking my email this morning I had one hawking this wonderful new item. They are called "iBoxers" and they come in a multitude of fashion colors for both men and women. Having never been much of a fashionista I had no idea, until today, that I was missing out. Silly me I carry my Ipod in my purse. I fear though, that with the introduction of this product that a whole group of people will now carry their Ipod's in their underwear. These might work fine for the slim Nano, but not the 40G monster I have. I imagine it would be heavy enough to make these drawers sag and I know that's not hot. I'm anticipating seeing numerous people sporting these as outerwear the next time I'm doing the 8 mile loop at Valley Forge Park. I hope they aren't embarrassed when I point and yell loudly that they must have forgotten their pants - because those are UNDERWEAR!!! Although, I'm certain they won't hear me, because Ipods make you deaf.

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