Tuesday, March 07, 2006

This Is One Sexy Pony

VH-1 is at it again. All this week they are counting down the 100 most popular toys on a show called "I Love Toys". If you loved the 70's, 80's and the 90's you'll love "toys". A toybox staple started the countdown at #100, the "Magic 8 Ball". It was great watching various celebrities playing with the mystrious oracle but my favorite was Ricky Martin. Wasn't he too busy with Menudo to play with toys? I was trying to finish a book while watching "toys" but my attention was grabbed as they announced #85, "My Little Pony". I am a big fan of the ponies because my sister and I can boast having had the ORIGINAL ponies. Actually mine was a unicorn but that is neither here nor there. Unfortunately, in the frivolity of our youth we must have thrown them out or sold them at a yardsale. Feeling the emptiness of the missing ponies, brought me to E-bay a year or so ago. I found a woman who had both of the ponies my sister and I had, I knew it must be fate, I had to buy them. My sister had "Snuzzle" shown in the picture above and I had a unicorn "Glory" shown below. Who knows, maybe the ones I bought on Ebay were the ones my sister and I had back in 1983. I'm looking foward to the rest of the week to see what other treasures make their list.

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Real Live Woman said...

Weren't you a little old for a "My Little Pony?" :-) I don't remember having one when they first came out. I know I was too old for a Cabbage Patch Doll when they came out, even though I did have one.

Incidentally, Hayley and I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon playing with her Ponies (she has ten of them, half of them the small free ones from McDonald's), first on the official My Little Pony Butterfly Island playset, then they moved into the Little People family's house.